Andrew C. Broderick, Science Fiction Author

Books by Andrew C. Broderick: The Kato's War series

Book one: Zara's Flight

Young Zara Sasake-Robbins is heir to the greatest corporate fortune the world has ever known. Her father Kato uses his great wealth to build a spaceship named Eternity that will take him, alone, on a one-way mission out of the Solar System--and out of Zara's life forever. When it's too late for Kato's ship to turn around, he learns that he will die, gasping for air, within a short time. Zara sees only one way to save him: she must pull off the greatest heist in history. If she can hijack the quarter trillion-dollar spaceship Dawn, belonging to Kato's arch enemy Seung Yi, she can reach him. She must steal the Dawn, and fly the enormous ship, alone, faster than humans have ever traveled before, to meet Kato. Can she reach him, and if she does, can they reunite as father and daughter?

Book two: Kato's War

Zara has no idea how she ended up on Mars in the 24th century. She learns very quickly that she spent hundreds of years in deep space, and is being hunted by the descendants of the victim of the greatest heist of all time--perpetrated by her. Zara must run, with her father and fellow space traveler Kato. Their nemesis has also made the journey through time, and will stop at nothing to exact his revenge.

Kato Sasake-Robbins and his daughter Zara have been brought back from the edge of existence to human civilization in the 24th century. Asleep in the depths of space for hundreds of years, they are now on Mars with no idea who they are or how they got there. Someone else remembers, though: Seung Yi, their nemesis, who has followed them through time. He and his army of thousands will stop at nothing to avenge her theft of his $250 billion-dollar spacecraft. Kato and Zara must run to Earth, with minds that barely work, navigating a society changed beyond their recognition. Can they stay alive long enough to recover their identities?

Book three: The Extinction Switch

Young Kassandra Nishimura is an heiress to trillions of dollars. While relaxing with friends, six billion people are instantly exterminated on the other side of the planet. Seung Yi, a despot thought to be long dead, is back. Through the use of a self-replicating artificial virus called the extinction switch, he will wipe out all life on Earth unless humanity cedes the entire planet Mars, with all its cities, to him within six months. Kassandra’s grandfather Kato, Seung Yi's arch rival, must successfully launch a counterattack before the clock runs out. This will require a weapon of unprecedented size. Meanwhile, society disintegrates around Kassandra and friends, who are now trapped on Earth. Kassandra falls from the very top of society to being a starving refugee. She and her friends take refuge deep beneath a city. Even that becomes a bloody battle for survival, as the remnants of humanity start fighting each other. But, something awakens in Kasssandra's soul. She was always meant to be more than a rich party girl. Can Kassandra find her true calling, and can Seung Yi be stopped before it's too late?